Current Fellows & Testimonials


Logan Nettles, MSLogan Nettles, MS

Education: Master of Science in Health Sciences (Health Services Administration Track) & Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration, University of Central Florida

Year of Fellowship: 2017-2018


“As a former intern, and now the current administrative fellow, I have grown in such a considerable way both in my career and personal life. JPS teaches you true compassion in servanthood, and the significance of a genuine focus on patient-centered care. Not only are we focused on improving the patient experience, but we put just as much care into our employee experience. We recently became one of Modern Healthcare’s 2017 Best Places to Work! Experiencing the exceptional and supportive leadership of the executive team and truly feeling like part of the family, were reasons enough to come back to JPS. As a fellow, I have the honor of working alongside senior leaders in several departments, including Patient Experience, Enterprise Risk Management, Community Health, and Behavioral Health. The fellowship is definitely a worthwhile experience that should not be passed up.”


Former Fellows & Testimonials


Kevin Hawkins, MHAKevin Hawkins, MHA

Education: Master of Health Administration, Penn State University; Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, Brigham Young University

Year of Fellowship: 2015-2016

Current Role: Business Operations Manager, Nursing


“The fellowship program at JPS was the perfect platform for transitioning out of school and into my career. It has allowed me to build relationships across all levels of the organization that have helped me grow personally and professionally. It helped me solidify what my particular skills and interests are, and led me directly into a full-time position that is closely aligned with those interests. JPS serves a unique and vital role in the Fort Worth community. It is a fantastic work environment with a mission-driven culture -- I would recommend the fellowship and internship programs to anyone looking to jumpstart their career in healthcare administration.”


Emil Kalloor, MHAEmil Kalloor, MHA

Education: Master of Health Administration & Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Physiology, University of Iowa

Year of Internship: 2015

Year of Fellowship: 2016-2017

Current Role: Business Operations Analyst, Access Resource Center


“The time I spent at JPS as an administrative intern and fellow is something I cherish. I had the chance to learn from many great leaders and work alongside some of the most caring individuals I have ever met. The level of access we had to meetings, projects, rotations and events helped us learn how the organization functions from different perspectives. The level of support that the executive team and our preceptors showed us was amazing.  I love being a part of the JPS family and I am thrilled to start my career in a place that I believe is putting the patients first in everything that we do.”


Gabriela Trevino, MSGabriela Trevino, MS

Education: Master of Science in Health Care Administration, University of Texas at Arlington; Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Austin College

Year of Fellowship: 2016-2017

Current Role: Business Operations Manager, Women and Infant’s Services


“The JPS administrative fellowship was a wonderful experience that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. It gave me the opportunity to work on meaningful and challenging projects that helped position me for a career that matched my interest after the fellowship. As a fellow, I was able to observe and learn how executive leadership help create a patient-centered culture with a devotion to constantly improving the patient and employee experience. I will always be grateful for the learning experiences and mentorship provided by my JPS family and leadership, and I am excited to continue to grow my career at JPS.”